Ignite Learning Platform Capabilities


Course Builder

Ignite LMS has an advanced course builder that allows any manager or administrator to provide courses they want their employees or followers to watch, study and reference in the future. Learn More

Learner Testing

Ignite Learning has 8 different question types.
Optional Quiz Timer
Rolling Question Bank
Custom messages based on quiz performance.
Questions are in text but can include media.


Deliver all content at one time or choose to schedule the release over a specified amount of time. Learners are notified by email when new content is released to them.


Allow conversations among learners through course specific forums.


Award points to learners as they complete courses and allow learners to unlock new courses based on the points they have earned.

Certificates & Badges

Award official certificates based on quiz performance, completing a course, or both.


User Profiles

Learners profiles allow them to access, their progress, quiz performance, and print any earned certificates.

Admins can view and assign courses to the leaners they manage.

Email Notifications

Communicating with learners, groups and leaders is simple with email notifications.

Group Management

Managers can organize learners any way they wish by placing them into groups.


Reporting captures all the details you care about on your learners and courses.

Course Progress, Time on course, Progress Breakdown, Quiz performance, Live activity Stream, Pending approval

Assignment Management

Require that learners submit assignments at different parts of the course.

Assignments can be required at the lesson level and the topic level.

Expire Access

Allow learners to have indefinite access to your courses

Or course access can be set to expire after a certain amount of time.

Ignite LMS

Media Production

Ignite LMS, with the help of the client, will write, film, edit and produce all of the course content.

Use any Media

Courses can contain any media. Images, Videos, Audio files, .swf files, HTML5

Course Builder

Ignite LMS will build and manage all of the courses for all clients.


Ignite LMS will break your payments up monthly over 1, 3, or 5 years so that clients do not have to write a big check.

Mobile Compatible

All courses and dashboards are mobile compatible and responsive.

Technical Support

Ignite LMS will provide over the phone technical support if and when it is needed.

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